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Living Earth Naturals - One Planet - One You - One Love. Living Earth Naturals provides all natural, herbal infused body care made with conscious care for you, those you love and the Earth we share.
Our Products
Living Earth Naturals uses only organic and sustainably harvested oils to make our nourishing body care products. We infuse our oils with a variety of herbs for the added beneficial properties provided by the plants. We personally grow the majority of the herbs we use, and those we do not grow we wildcraft in our local region. After a infusion minimum of one month, we strain the plant matter from the oils and make our various body care products with only natural or naturally derived additives such as essential oils, herbs, clays and beeswax. Our products are popular with individuals with allergies and sensitivities, as well as people concerned with their environmental footprint. Learn more about our products and ingredients at
One Planet:
Living Earth Naturals is a green company. We source only organic and sustainable ingredients. We buy in bulk from other green businesses to minimize packaging and shipping. We strive to use the most environmentally sound product packaging available, avoiding plastic wherever possible, and prioritizing biodegradable, reusable or recyclable. We compost, reuse, and recycle everything we can. We source other local businesses for as many services and supplies as possible. We believe in our ability to make an impact for good.
One You:
At Living Earth Naturals, we want to help you make the connection between personal care and planetary care. Every choice we make as individuals has an impact both in our lives and for our planet as a whole. We understand why you choose natural for yourself and for those you love. It’s nourishing and sustaining. It is non-toxic and safe. These qualities are important to our environment as well. Living Earth Naturals allows you, the one and only you, to make a positive choice for our planet by choosing the best for yourself.
One Love:
They say Love makes the world go round. On this beautiful Earth, there are so many ways to support endeavors of love, compassion and service. We at Living Earth Naturals believe that supporting one another is part of our purpose in living. We feel blessed to be able to do work we love, and we are committed to helping others. We use a percentage of sales both monthly and annually to support efforts for the planet and for people. Visit to learn more about how Living Earth Naturals supports local and global initiatives.
Our Mission:
The mission of Living Earth Naturals is to foster awareness and relationship with the natural world by providing useful and unique products that support and inspire sustainability, resourcefulness and creative, responsible environmental stewardship.
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