By combining the forgotten, the existing and the infinity of ways to create and ride unconventional boards of interest and character, we give opportunity to new and unique experiences simply for the sake of beauty and joy.
The KORUA construct feeds from the values and passions of its ambassadors, it is a direct reflection of their personality and beliefs. They might not be Olympic champions, but people with original style, a love for adventure and a unique sense of aesthetic in their approach to ride. They are influential and progressive in their own way. As a brand we are happy to have this exceptional group of friends that inspire, motivate and contribute to the KORUA idea.
Good things take time, same goes for developing a shape. We follow up each and every idea, selecting the good from the bad, letting only the best end up in our quiver. The philosophy behind the entire line is to make riding with style something of ease in every terrain, while offering new experiences with every shape. All our boards are built in Austria with care and the highest quality. Nevertheless, we believe in keeping our boards affordable to make these experiences more accessible. Our ambassadors put their heart and soul in these shapes, they test and develop every board to the point they will vouch for it with their name. Like a person, every KORUA board is different and has its own preferences in what and how it likes to do things. The point is; as with a new acquaintance, learning to know a board is often the most exciting time and sometimes you even end up falling in love for live.
This is KORUA
Bahnhofstrasse 75
Brannenburg, Bayern 83098
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