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Like many great adventures, it all started over a drink.
You’ve heard the story before – three blokes, fed up with working for the man, their talents going to waste.
Yep, that’s us.
So, like many others before us we got all excitable, had another drink and resolved to do something about it.
Unlikely as it may sound though…we actually did.
People have been making wine the same way for generations, but we wanted to make our wines for a new generation – a more giving generation.
One that’s not defined by age or status, but belongs to those people who enjoy a good drop and like us, think the world is a much better place when we give a something back.
We use glorious grapes grown in Australia’s best growing regions – like the Barossa and Yarra valleys – and lovingly blend them by hand to create the kind of generous flavour-packed wines people really love, making sure we leave out all the usual stuffiness, stinginess and snobbery you often find in ‘good wine’.
But you see, at Kooks the good stuff’s not just in the bottle. We want to be able to feed our families, and nourish others.
Every drop we sell helps us support other people who’ve managed to get past that last drink resolve intact and struggled out of bed the next morning intent still with a burning mission to fulfil – Adventurous Ventures, Positive Parents, Sassy Startups, Giving Gardeners, Happy Hipsters, Merry Musicians…the courageous characters and inspiring individuals who swim against the tide to do something uncommonly good for other people with their lives too.
We’re for people who like wines with body and companies with soul.
Proudly handcrafted with love in Australia and equally proudly the only certified B-Corp wine company going around, we know that it’s your continued enjoyment of the good stuff that helps us do what we love to do.
A few little facts:
• We’re 3 founding partners and one champion winemaker
• We live in Melbourne and we have 10 kids between us
• Not together obviously…
• Our average age is 42
Level 4, 125 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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