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KOALA ECO is a family owned business started by an Australian and an American living in Sydney. In our search to find safe, affordable, chemical-free cleaning products that smelled fabulous and actually worked. We became so frustrated that we decided to make our own.
We only use pure Australian essential oils and 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly plant-derived ingredients. Australia has an abundance of potent and distinctive flora found nowhere else in the world, and in many cases the essential oils we source have been part of the Aboriginal pharmacopoeia for thousands of years.
Living near Bondi Beach, we’ve reason every day to appreciate the natural beauty of our planet. It’s become really important to us to find ways to help nurture and preserve it for present and future generations, and we believe we all play a part in this.
At KOALA ECO, we make affordable cleaning products that are safe for your family and kind to the environment. We’re Australian, we’re eco-friendly and ethical, and our products really work.
PO Box 3113
Bellevue Hill, NSW 2023
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