Knickerbocker was founded in 2013 as a private label manufacturer in New York. In 2015 the company transitioned and formed a brand of its own under the same namesake. As a factory born brand responsible manufacturing and transparency within the supply chain have been the cornerstone of our identity. We do our best to partner with those who share similar values and always try to educate our customer on our unique value chain.
Knickerbocker's guiding principle is always to be product focused rather than trend focused. We work with product deadlines as do most, however no product will be rushed for the sake of a deadline or a trend. We aim to sync up our supply chain in such a way that we can bring our customers high value products at an affordable pricepoint. Through our network of vendors around the world and unique sales propositions we aim to achieve our goal of producing responsibly made menswear at a price made for you.
As of 2018, Knickerbocker remains based in New York City. Knickerbocker currently sells online and also ships to over 100 retailers worldwide. Knickerbocker's model is prioritized towards direct to consumer channels in the United States, focusing on a smaller amount of highly selected brick & mortar stores stateside, while the company tries to build a bigger wholesale market presence internationally.
35 Meadow Street, Unit 206
Brooklyn, NY 11206
United States
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