Kimchi Club



Kimchi Club Pty Ltd is a food brand and a social business based in South Australia. We provide work opportunities to Korean-Australian first generation migrants through making wild fermented probiotic rich vegetables, Korean kimchi and wild fermented condiments which taste great, are high in vitamins and gut health promoting probiotics while being low in calories.
Our ethical kimchi is made with 100% Australian-grown organic produce which supports our Australian farmers and food producers, and we are committed to sustainable practice, maintaining a minimal carbon footprint and we practice circular economy, zero or low waste manufacturing management.
Our commitment to creating flexible supportive employment opportunities for Korean-Australian women reduces isolation, increases their confidence and helps ensure their financial security.
Along with our social impact and the positive impact on the community from our products, we have been seeking to contribute to the wellbeing of mother Earth. With our 1% contribution to the planet, we believe we supporting a significant movement to safeguard our world for future generations.
Unit 8, 474 Payneham Rd
Glynde, SA 5070
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