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Hi! I'm Caneel Joyce, PhD. I am a speaker and executive coach/culture advisor to mission-driven startup founders and executive teams.
I am the founder and owner of Kickass Enterprises, Inc. and usually navigate the world just using my own name. I am a partner in Evolution (
I align everything that I do in my business (from client selection to how I serve my customers, to the specific mission I help each of them realize, to partnerships, to operations, to hiring and culture) with my three-prong mission.
1. reverse climate change
2. support women and girls
3. democratize access to entrepreneurial and creative opportunity
Prongs #2 and #3 directly support #1.
I would love to be a part of this organization and connect about a broader partnership that leverages my network and influence. I am setting up a new program that includes coaching clients on identifying their core values and personal mission, and taking a hard look at aligning their whole life including their whole company with that mission. Perhaps a partnership is a piece of that offering. Let's talk!
Thank you for your time.
559 Avenue A
Redondo Beach, CA 90277-4802
United States
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