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Iknow LLC is a business consulting, technology consulting, and systems integration firm that specializes in knowledge management. Iknow helps organizations capture, organize, and apply their data, information, and knowledge to improve performance and achieve their mission.
For almost 15 years, Iknow has helped corporations, SMBs, federal and state governments, non-profits, and other institutions better manage and unlock the value in their knowledge assets. Iknow helps its clients:
• Capture, save, and reuse intellectual assets,
• Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teams and business processes,
• Extract insights from data and improve the quality and speed of decision-making, and
• Increase collaboration, enable innovation, and grow.
Iknow provides a portfolio of consulting and IT services that range from strategy to execution. Iknow’s professional services include:
• Knowledge management strategy
• Business and knowledge process redesign
• Information architecture, taxonomy development, metadata management, and search
• IT solution design and development
• Software product evaluation and implementation
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