Hülya Swim



Hülya Swim stands for a new, innovative and eco-friendly swimwear brand, which uses a high tech recycled fabric made out of recycled ghost nets and other ocean debris. Hannah Patten and Christina Firestone, the founders, have produced a high-quality swim product in an eco-friendly manner.
The dream is a cleaner ocean, which derives directly from the name- Hülya meaning daydream. The company was developed for the explorer, the lover, the sophisticated, the confident, and the bold. They prefer salt water, sand, and adventures.
Hannah and Christina believe that there is still time to make a difference, but we have to act now to make a difference. They believe in a cleaner and more stable ocean.
Through the Hülya Swim platform, they plan to reinvent the wheel, they don’t want Hülya to be just another brand, but they want to be a movement. Through carefully planned initiatives, they plan to launch a platform that will allow their consumers to educate themselves, better themselves in an eco-friendly manner and the environment all in one platform.
433 W New England Ave, APT 211
Winter Park, FL 32789
United States
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