Honu was founded 15 years ago. It was born among the white sands and curling waves of Bondi Beach, Australia. Honu has forged a reputation for delivering great value and has a loyal tribe of fans right across Australia. Honu will continue to deliver great value while also seeking to continually improve our range of products across Paddle Boarding, Surfing and beach culture. 
The spirit of Honu lies in our connection to the beach and ocean environment. We want our products to inspire our customers to fall in love with the ocean and the outdoors.
We strive to meet the challenge of fulfilling the needs of our customers whilst protecting our environment on a daily basis – from the big picture stuff through to the small micro-details. This includes ethical manufacturing, an annual pledge to environmental groups, volunteering hours for our staff to commit to important causes and working towards green packaging for all of our products. We remain committed to continuing to implement the best environmental practices in the industry to improve the fragile environment on which we depend on to survive.
76 Second St
Warragamba, NSW 2752
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