Holiable is a travel planning website dedicated to sustainable travel.
We believe that the tourism of tomorrow should have a positive impact on the people and the places we visit and are willing to give visibility to businesses that are already engaged in transforming the industry through a tourism that is environmentally friendly, ethical, positive and socially inclusive.
Our platform makes eco-friendly travel easier and was designed to help conscious travellers find green hotels, sustainable restaurants or ethical leisure activities for their holidays.
Matching all travel styles, the lodgings, restaurants and activities we index around the globe are all engaged in sustainable tourism.
Thought for the responsible travel community, Holiable gives detailed and verified information on each business eco-credentials whether they are officially certified by a green label or committed to sustainable travel at their own initiative.
They can better understand their actions towards the environment, the cultural heritage, and the local communities they are based in.
Travelers also have access to travel reviews from like-minded travelers or from the Holiable team and ambassadors who test some of the experiences that are listed on the site.
They can give their own opinion, create their eco-friendly travel bucket list and contact the owners directly to plan their next green getaway.
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