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We’re Phoebe and Aaron, husband + wife duo and co-founders of Australian made, vegan, plant-based brand
Happy Skincare.
We’re complete green beauty + ethical living nuts who want to change the world, one complexion at a time!
We started Happy back in 2010, what seems like a lifetime ago. We were health-obsessed cycling fanatics and newlyweds, and looking for something meaningful to channel our energy and passions into. Funnily enough the idea for this business that was about to completely transform our lives appeared when we were least expecting
it to…
Phoebe was busy growing a baby and had some serious stretch mark issues, so Aaron came to the rescue with a home-made stretch mark cream. The cream must’ve been a goodie because these days we have 2 wild boys, and Phoebe’s thrilled to say she’s stretch mark free. And that was the start of an entire range of Happy Skincare products that are all about making unhappy skin happy. If you have
problem skin, let us at it!
It wasn’t until 2016 that we had our coming of age as a fair dinkum skincare company. We got ourselves a manufacturing facility in our hometown, Newcastle (NSW) - you might have heard us call it the Happy Shed - and that’s where all the magic happens!
You know how mashed banana on toast tastes better when Mum makes it? That’s because it was made with care and love. And that’s exactly the kind of special energy that we put into the products we create. No one else can do it. It’s our special magic because we know every detail intimately. It
starts with us and it ends with us.
We use the highest quality natural and vegan ingredients available. We know where and who our ingredients come from. We stick to small artisan batches to keep things fresh and super effective.
We don’t outsource anything. And we don’t want it any other way! Your Happy products are 100% made by us. No contract
manufacturers. No shortcuts.
Swing by the Happy Shed (8 Harris Street Maryville NSW) if you’re in town - and we’d love to show you our creations X
Phoebe + Aaron
8 Harris St
Maryville, NSW 2293
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