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The first premium coffee from Mozambique. 100% of profits support girls education, wildlife conservation and rainforest reforestation in Gorongosa National Park. We are owned by Gorongosa National Park and while we are starting with coffee, we will soon be expanding to a full line of natural foods products.
Our story has roots in Gorongosa National Park, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. The Park is located in the heart of central Mozambique - a region that suffered a 17-year civil war. When the conflict ended, the savanna emerged nearly empty. Almost all of its wildlife was lost and its people were suffering.
Sixteen years later, the Gorongosa Restoration Project took flight, a groundbreaking conservation model that unites the needs of the Gorongosa National Park’s wildlife, ecosystems, and people. This people's park invests in the education, health and livelihoods of its people and empowers them to be the guardians of Gorongosa.
In 2015, the Gorongosa Project partnered with green bean coffee experts and local farmers to plant coffee seedlings on Mount Gorongosa. The goal: To restore the rainforest that was destroyed by civil war and unsustainable farming techniques, and give farmers a dependable source of income to benefit their communities and the environment. 
Gorongosa Coffee reached a milestone in 2016 by harvesting the first specialty coffee ever grown by small-scale producers in Mozambique. Gorongosa Green is our signature coffee bean, rainfed and grown in the shade of Mount Gorongosa’s rainforest. The mountain’s unique micro-climate provides a nutrient-rich topsoil that delivers a great tasting, high-quality Arabica coffee bean. 
Coffee thrives in Mount Gorongosa’s unique rainforest. Between our rows of shade-grown coffee, you will find native rainforest saplings that not only help our coffee grow, but have been planted to assist in rainforest reforestation. Today, Gorongosa’s farmers are planting 200,000 coffee plants per year and 25,000 rainforest trees alongside them. This system is helping to restore what is likely to be the largest continuous Afromontane forest in southern Africa and one of the most biodiverse habitats on Earth!
A high quality bean needs a high quality roaster. We’ve partnered with specialty coffee roasters from around the world to deliver our premium light, medium, and dark coffee blends. Our roasters expertly blend Gorongosa Green with other Arabica coffee beans to achieve smooth, full-flavored roasts. They spend time perfecting each one to ensure you are tasting delicious coffee of the highest quality every time.
We didn’t stop there. What if we could support Gorongosa’s communities and wildlife, too? The Park set up Gorongosa Coffee so that our lone shareholder is the Gorongosa Trust, which funds all of its conservation and community initiatives. This means 100% of our profits are re-infused into the Park to benefit not just its rainforest, but also its people and wildlife.
In choosing Gorongosa Coffee, you take part in one of Africa’s greatest restoration stories and create a world of difference for the people and wildlife that call Gorongosa National Park home. With every cup, you help us prove that people and the planet can thrive together.
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