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Fishers Island Oyster Farm is a marine-based family farm operating from Fishers Island, NY, a small island located in Block Island Sound off the coasts of eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. We have grown and sold Fishers Island Oysters directly to chefs and consumers for over 30 years, offering absolute freshness, premium quality, and personalized service that are hallmarks of our brand.
We built Fishers Island Oyster Farm for a personal purpose. We envisioned having our lives and livelihood be about working with nature, preserving family values, and giving back to others. That is why in addition to oyster farming, we are also committed to supporting environmental preservation, education, and stewardship programs such as the Billion Oyster Project, Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, and H.L. Ferguson Museum land trust.
As year-round residents of Fishers Island and proud producers of the island's only export, we take a serious interest in preserving our natural resources. Oyster farming is one of the most sustainable methods of aquaculture today, and we actively ensure that our farming and business practices are environmentally-sound. For this reason, we see ourselves not only as oyster farmers, but also as "ecosystem facilitators" in practice and promotion.
PO Box 402
Fishers Island, NY 06390
United States
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