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Everyday California started with a group of friends running kayaks from a storage unit in an old beat-up pickup, leading discounted tours of La Jolla's Reserve and booking appointments on a cell phone between cleaning gear. Once the gear was clean we would grab our boards and share a few waves.
After a little traction, we decided to "go big" and open our first shop three blocks from La Jolla Shores. It was just over 500 sqft and the dream had begun. It was an awesome time, but we wanted something more, and set out to share the California lifestyle with our visitors and people from all over the globe. So we created an inclusive brand for everyone to enjoy.
Working on a marine reserve makes you appreciate that beauty needs to be protected. With limited resources our best option was to gather all kinds of people to help clean our beaches. Now our goal as we grow is to join 1% For The Planet so we can get resources to entrepreneurial environmental groups all over the world.
Our business values are centered around friends who travel, love sport and do not take life too serious. As you travel you have to trust the few items of clothing that make the cut. We wanted our products to be high enough in quality that they could survive many voyages. We refused to create clothing that is worn a few times and thrown away, and we continue to look for ways to create sustainable products.
California represents the beach, the breath-taking beauty of Yosemite, the trees from the Sequoia National Park, the glittering lights of Hollywood, the rugged rock formations of Joshua Tree, innovation from Silicon Valley, fine wine in Napa Valley and most importantly second chances, personal renewal, and entrepreneurship.
2261 Avenida de la Playa
La Jolla, CA 92037
United States
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