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Creating inspired places where people want to be; Ethos Development is a real estate development firm based in Portland, Oregon. Focussing on multifamily projects on urban infil sites, each project is a thoughtful big idea, not a one-size-fits-all solution. Primarily working in urban environments in the Pacific NW, we believe that maximizing social and environmental benefits also maximizes long-term economic benefits. As a values-driven business our stewardship extends to the urban fabric and communities in which we work, the environment we share, and the investments we employ.
Amongst other values, we believe in a sustainable future... high performance, low impact: conserving resources throughout the lifecycle of our project is a driving force in our business. By design, our projects maximize density, encourage low-impact transportation, and minimize energy and water usage. We are also careful stewards of investor resources, and strongly believe that sustainability is essential to creating lasting value.
2222 NE Oregon Street, STE 209
Portland, OR 97232
United States
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