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Eskayel is a Brooklyn, NY based design studio focused on applying a uniquely artistic and environmentally responsible approach to interior surface design. By reproducing our hand painted patterns locally in the northeastern United States on natural and recycled grounds, our made to order fabrics and wall-coverings are an eco friendly and visually inspiring option for home and commercial projects.Eskayel offers six major collections with over 200 patterns and colorways available in our PRIMA vinyl free residential and commercial wallpaper, CLASSIC clay coated wallpaper, recycled type II contract wallcovering, natural linen and organic denim fabric, custom made rugs, and a variety of decorative products including pillows, baskets, prints, wall-hangings, scarves and wrapping paper.Our made to order fabrication methods accommodate almost any kind of customization. Color and scale of existing patterns can be transformed or we can work with you to create an entirely new design to fit in within your creative vision with virtually no minimums.
Eskayel was founded in 2008 by artist and designer Shanan Campanaro. The Central St Martin’s graduate has worked in both graphic design and fashion, but has always been interested in interiors believing that the atmosphere and vibe of a room can transform ones mood. Having lived in many different spaces and more than a few countries before the age of 30, the importance of building an environment of true self expression and comfort in each of her homes became a huge priority and obsession. She began by turning that passion into wallpaper and now with her partner Nick Chacona, Eskayel continues to bring to the market innovative, product of the highest quality that is luxurious, natural and beautiful.
130 Broadway #2
New York, NY 11249
United States
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