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Creating clever products to make life a little better
Distil Union was founded in the summer of 2011 to focus on product ideas that simply make life a little better. Our design duo draws on decades of design experience— from album covers to Apple accessories— to create original products that are purposeful, intuitive, and made to satisfy even the pickiest minimalist. They are easy to use, often with an unexpected functionality or mix of materials, including leather sourced exclusively from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group.
"Distil" is our philosophy of getting to the essence of a problem and solving it with design that's simply useful, attractive and considered. Fueled by crowd-funding, our incentive to innovate comes from a deep desire to connect with people by creating objects that they love to use every day. We enjoy sharing the design process behind our collection of smile-inducing wallets, sunglasses, and phone accessories.
1427 Wando Rd.
N Charleston, SC 29405
United States
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