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Can We Make The World A Better Place?

We’re going to try.

If we can make hats in styles that people want to wear, and make them from responsible materials using responsible business practices all at a fair price, then perhaps people needing hats will choose us over companies purely driven by profit. A better scenario would be other companies seeing our success and adopting similar practices.

Yes We Make Hats, But This Is What We Really Do.

Our slogan "Responsibly Grown, Beautifully Made" means a lot more than just making a high quality hat from organic cotton; it begs us to keep asking the hard questions about every strata of our business model and to seek out solutions to lighten our social and environmental footprint, even if there aren’t yet precedent solutions in the quirky world of hat making.

We realize that every product made causes environmental impact to some degree. It is our goal to limit that impact.

It takes effort to understand exactly what we are doing on a deeper level. That is, committing time and resources to creating the most transparent picture of how Conner Hats impacts the world via material sourcing, design, production, and shipping, for example.
Changing whatever we can to reduce our footprint is never ending. We are passionate about this quest and we owe it to our children to help make the world a better place.
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