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"The ClutterFree Revolution is a family-focused global movement of conscious consumers committed to human rights, fair trade, and environmental sustainability. When we connect the dots between our clutter and the impact those things have on a global scale, together we can make a big difference in the world, and that starts with what we do at home. We're not just tidying up, we're getting organized for good."
—Evan Michael Zislis
Professional Organizer, Social Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author of ClutterFree Revolution & Founder of Intentional Solutions
About the BOOK: (
"ClutterFree Revolution nails it! Evan inspires a new generation of conscious consumers. A must read for every household in America."
—Casey Sheahan, former President and CEO of Patagonia, Inc.
"ClutterFree Revolution does more than demystify the complexity of our stuff - it guides us through an honest conversation about what matters most."
—Dr. Melva Green, from the hit TV series Hoarders
“I expected constructive advice. I expected an organized program. What I didn’t expect was a book with the readability of a well-written novel, with the wisdom of a philosophical treatise, with the depth and insight of a spiritual tome. This book is not just about organizing your home, simplifying your life and enhancing your space–it’s literally about keeping the planet habitable for humans.”
— Jan Krische (5 Stars, Amazon Verified Purchase)
De-Clutter and Organize Every Room of Your Home and Every Aspect of Your Life in 90 Days or Less. Guaranteed.
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