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We believe Great Stories Solve Problems and we envision a world where stories build bridges - where what we build frees us rather than confines us. Across the globe, far too many people find themselves living in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual cages. We exist as a storytelling agency to break these structures and to uphold social justice, human rights, and sustainability principles with the power of Human-Centered Production™; it's a process we created to pair human-centered design principles with the authentic storytelling production process.
Narratives are powerful and we have a vision. It’s your vision, it’s our vision, and it’s the vision of a better world. We help people explore and discover how to tell their story in a way that augments their effectiveness in achieving their goals. As a certified B-Corp, it is in our mandate to both fulfill a social need and eradicate systemic injustices. We strive to address both through story so we may achieve the vision of a Cage Free World.
Awareness | Artistry | Advocacy: Our recipe for inspiring behavioral change.
Awareness: We’re aware and abreast of some of the deep rooted problems happening in this world. We are also aware we don’t know it all, and that we can’t change it alone. We make it our job to listen to you, the experts, to fill in the gaps in our insights. We collaborate with you as a gear in your system to help tell your story and maximize your impact.
Artistry: Our best work happens when your story emerges on it’s own. Rather than designing your brand in a box we adapt creative tools to help your story emerge organically and facilitate the process to release it.
Advocacy: As unabashed social activists, we tell stories to make an impact. Story is a powerful catalyst- for both good and bad- and thus we believe our duty is to share impact makers’ models and processes with the utmost authenticity. We don’t believe in story for story’s sake—we want to solve problems.
3782 Torino Dr
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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