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ByFusion® is an innovative manufacturing company dedicated to disrupting the recycling industry by reshaping the future of plastics. We are a dedicated company of professionals, environmentalists, and technologists that see opportunity where others see waste. To reshape the future, we must change the systems of today.
ByFusion believes our Earth is our most valuable resource. To preserve our oceans, biodiversity, and progress as a species, we use science, innovation, and business to inspire solutions that will solve the biggest challenges of our generation. We are committed to helping clean up the planet and enabling communities to keep pace with increasing housing and infrastructure demands to better the lives of the people that inhabit them.
A public benefit corporation, certified B Corporation, member of 1% for the Planet, 2016 WasteDive’s ‘Most Disruptive Innovation of the Year’ Award, 2015 Winner of the Cleantech Open Northeast Sustainability Award and an essential cog in the wheel of circular economy, ByFusion has a patented process that converts all types of waste plastic into an advanced building material called ByBlock™ that enables communities, corporations and governments to realize a cleaner world while creating jobs, improving infrastructure and revitalizing neighborhoods everywhere.
We have positioned ourselves as a platform to ignite the change necessary to solve some of today’s biggest challenges including;
♣ Affordable housing;
♣ Jobs creation in general and increased shortage of labor resources in the construction sector;
♣ Crumbling infrastructure;
♣ Increased stress on our landfills (which ByFusion considers critical infrastructure); and
♣ Environmental preservation.
1800 Century Park East Suite 600
Los Angeles, California 90076
United States
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