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Brundtland Minds is a non-profit network of business-focused sustainability experts who create shared value solutions for clients and their stakeholders through consulting, industry collaboration, training and research, while supporting environmental and social initiatives.
Who we are
Brundtland Minds is a network of experts who combine their knowledge and skills to help organizations generate value while improving the world in which we all live. The distinctive competencies of our experts are at the crossroads of cutting-edge expertise in business management and specific knowledge about the spheres of sustainable development. With their entrepreneurial personality, boundless intellectual curiosity and high level of empathy, the consultants of Brundtland Minds will help you to create value that will contribute to your organization’s financial performance and sustainability while generating social and environmental benefits that meet our era’s systemic challenges.
Our philosophy
Brundtland Minds’ philosophy is based on the need to multiply sustainable development practices in order to improve the world in which we live. In 1987, the Brundtland report of the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, titled Our Common Future and chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway, laid the groundwork for sustainable development. To this end, the team at Brundtland Minds accompanies private, public and plural sector organizations to ensure that their decisions with respect to management, investments, operations, research and development contribute to the achievement of nations’ full potential for human development as well as protect and improve the natural environment that makes this development possible in the first place.
Brundtland Minds has its clients and consultants benefit from the most advantageous conditions. Seeing as we do not have any vertical profitability imperative to meet or significant overhead costs to cover, we can have our clients benefit from competitive costs in exchange for the services of a tailored team of experts set up to accompany them. All of our consultants have seniority and independence and can therefore focus on what they are passionate about, i.e., providing sustainable solutions without having to worry about utilization, chargeability rates or business development. Most of our consultants have management experience in the industry and/or for renowned consulting firms and they all have the liberty to set their own terms of engagement and choose the projects and clients to which and whom they wish to offer the best of themselves as well as conclusive results.
Our expertise
Corporate Sustainable Development Strategy
We help you to establish a concrete corporate strategy to generate business opportunities while maximizing the environmental and social benefits created.
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Climate Change and Biodiversity Action
Our experts work with you to develop business solutions that will mitigate the footprint of your operations on the climate and biodiversity and even contribute to improve it with a positive “handprint”.
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Responsible Product and Service Positining
Our teams of marketing and sustainability experts help you to position your products and services in a transparent manner by conveying the socioeconomic and environmental aspects of their lifecycle while avoiding the pitfalls of greenwashing.
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Sustainable Design & Engineering
Our design and engineering experts accompany you in the development of tools to facilitate the integration of sustainability into your design processes in order to increase the social and environmental performance of your products and services.
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Responsible Supply Chain
We help you generate new opportunities from you supply chain that will benefit both your business performance and all of the stakeholders who contribute to it.
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