A few years ago, our founder discovered a life-changing problem while seeking tranquility in the lush Olympic Mountains. During a hike to a breathtaking waterfall, he noticed plastic water bottles and aluminum cans littering the area. It hit him pretty hard how the beverage industry he was working in was damaging the environment and he immediately became determined to make the industry better. After extensive research and contemplating ideas and solutions, he realized the industry was not only unsustainable, but typically used lower-quality or unhealthy ingredients that lacked transparency consumers wanted and deserved, and there was no way to fix the problems he had discovered from within the industry as it was structured. He was determined to create an earth-friendly, healthy, and flavor-bursting product that people could trust and enjoy. Shortly after leaving the beverage company, he sought out like-minded people and partners and spent thousands of hours developing what he believed will be the beverages of the future and hopefully a catalyst for change to put people and the planet first when delivering beverages consumers deserve. Voila, Bobelo was born.
Bobelo began in our basement.
With no funding, or technical experience, we rolled up our sleeves and got straight to work in our basement to take on the Goliath beverage industry. Using good old fashioned drive and grit, we found experts in nutrition, chemistry, and design to deliver a sustainable, great-tasting, and healthy drink we all deserve.
We want everybody to consider what they are drinking. We truly believe we can be the first self-carbonating beverage option that is healthy, hydrating, made with real fruit flavor, and fully sustainable. Consuming a beverage shouldn’t come with sacrificing your health, your taste buds, or the health of our planet.
Our water bottle and first four flavors are only the beginning. We want to continue creating products that transform the way you drink. Our future drink innovations will focus on your brain, body, and biome to address your health holistically.
As a certified benefit corporation, it is ingrained in our DNA to do good for people and the planet. We only create and sell products that fit within that mission. We are a B-Corp Certified company because we believe in using business as a force for good. We are devoted to making a difference for people and planet.
The Bobelo One Foundation strives to contribute to the improvement of lives through helping people find equilibrium through strong mental health, functioning bodies, and a respect for the environment where they live.
Our three-tiered mission is simple: to help individuals and families live a balanced life through having a healthy brain, body, and biome.
Bobelo One aims to invest in and serve as a catalyst for ideas, partnerships, and programs that improve personal and environmental health and quality of life through serving, educating, and partnering with organizations who empower people to live their best lives and be good stewards of the planet.
We’re suckers for innovative ideas and solutions and always support collaboration in an effort to achieve our vision. We value diversity in culture and perspective to expand the impact of our work. We uphold high ethical standards and act with integrity as well as accept our responsibility as stewards of the foundation’s resources.
4 Red Pine Drive
Alpine, UT 84004
United States
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