BLDG ACTIVE was born of a simple vision to provide athletes access to advanced medical products that allow for a quicker, healthier recovery while supporting environmentally responsible practices.
As avid outdoorsmen and athletes, we appreciate performance and simplicity. We connect to sports that bring us closer to nature and allow us to push our minds and bodies to new levels. We accept injury as a right of passage and the inevitable consequence of the sports we love.
Built on a foundation of biotech entrepreneurship, we are focused on bringing cutting-edge medical technologies to the sports we love by sourcing products that are superior to current over-the-counter solutions--both in effectiveness and environmental impact.
Our Ethos and Commitment:
BLDG ACTIVE believes when people are actively engaged in outdoor sports, they are healthier, happier and more connected to nature. For us, personal health and the health of our environment are entwined to lay the foundation towards a more fulfilling life. Our company not only makes products that promote personal health and recovery through clinically proven technologies, we also minimize our environmental impact in every area: from supply chain to the ingredients that make our products.
Our Foundation:
BLDG ACTIVE is dedicated to identifying advanced medical technologies that help athletes perform better and recover faster.
BLDG ACTIVE began with skin repair because of the science behind hypochlorous (HOCl) and its regenerative healing power. In a space that hasn’t seen consumer innovation in over 50 years and still uses toxic and petroleum-based materials, HOCl is not only a more efficacious alternative, it is also natural and non-toxic.
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