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Sami Aaron, owner of Being Onto Something LLC, is the North American Master Trainer and Director of Training and Development of The NatureProcess.
Being Onto Something weaves together mindfulness teachings along with the concepts of The NatureProcess to promote stress reduction through time spent in nature.
The Mission of The NatureProcess? To support people and communities to reconnect to nature – both within themselves and in the world around them – to improve their well-being and enhance their lives.
The NatureProcess is a simple set of 5 steps to help anyone reduce stress and anxiety in any situation while deepening their connection to nature. The five steps, Natural Presence, Natural Body, Natural Attraction, Natural Communication, and Natural Release allow people to receive the wisdom that their body sends to their brain through all their senses, all the time. This wisdom comes directly from nature and brings a sense of well-being, groundedness, and clarity.
Through our certified facilitators, The NatureProcess is offered in 1-1 sessions, in workshops and retreats, as well as being intertwined with a variety of healing modalities including mindfulness practices, counseling, medical treatments and pain relief, addiction recovery, and grief support.
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