As a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Marseille, I pursue two careers, one as a graphic designer / artistic director in publishing, and the other as an illustrator. I like to vary the techniques according to the demand, passing from the story board to the lime fresco, from the linocut to the digital. My passions for Art and Crafts are unlimited.I believe that Art and humor are the best means of conveying a positive message in a world of immediate information. In my personal work, I use it to alert on environmental issues, among many others.
I like to juggle my passions:
THE BOOK. In the south, then in Paris, I began my career in publishing; first as a graphic designer, then artistic director and finally illustrator. I'm publiched in press and book publishing, in comics, children's literature, ecology, technical and well-being; + HUMOR: At the birth of my children, I create an illustrated blog Arsenic et petites bretelles that makes me press cartoonist. + ECOLOGY: In love with science and nature, during the years of Fine art school, I produced illustration of science popularization for the Marseille Immunology Center (CNRS-INSERM). Later, I will train in fresco techniques with lime and natural and non-toxic paints. I create murals for individuals. = In 2019, I wrote "L'âge bleu"; a graphic novel of anticipation and humor on the ecological crisis of the seabed. With the precious re-reading of the Bloom Association, this book will be published by Buchet / Chastel publisher next October.
ART: She teaches art and design, including Gobelins, the school of image and ESDAC Aix and Marseille

1 rue de la Couronne
Aix en Provence, null 13100
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