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925 CATRINE LINDER is founded by Catrine Linder Sandberg; a northern Norwegian artisan and maker of Refined Equipment & Jewelry.
Available for online shopping and in seasonal summer store in Lofoten at Gammelveien 6, 8312 HENNINGSVÆR, Norway.
Catrine Linder is sold aboard Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic ships as well as in two arctic Goldsmith Stores in Narvik & Tromsø.
Good business and sustainability is in focus at Catrine Linder. What do I mean by good business? To me it's working with good people building long lasting and professional relations making work fun and successful. In choosing natural materials like beach pebbles and of course recycled silver I do my best to make as little impact on the environment as possible. In my profession it's natural to work with recycled metals and materials. Production is local in Norway and/or Sweden ensuring sustainable, safe and fair labor, and at last but not least less transportation for environmental responsibility.
Catrine Linder specialises in REFINED EQUIPMENT meaning that parts of equipment are made into pieces of jewellery and collections. So far it has included rock climbing, biking, surfing and radio parts.

""I make refined equipment and jewellery for friends who like to move around outdoors. With focus on ethic, local and sustainable production all my designs are handmade and produced in Norway and/or Sweden. I'm an arctic artisan travelling between Norway (my home country) and Sweden (where I live most of the year) with my work and family. Climbing and outdoors is a lifestyle and my design is reflecting this. My website is going through some work and is reliable to change and improve from time to time when checking in. Please see my #RockHard Bracelet - a symbol of friendship, trust and safety and my #Dots Collection with enamel colours from the arctic. Warm welcome to visit me here online or in Lofoten - thank you so much for being here! I am excited to be a part of 1% for the Planet and hope to inspire more to join! Let's go! Take Care & Stay Healthy /Catrine"

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