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HOWE at 36 Bourne Street is a small and surprising shop, selling a range of thoughtfully selected traditional leathers, new and vintage textiles, trimmings and wallpapers. Our dedicated team work closely with the most skilled and ethical manufacturers in Great Britain and Ireland, and in partnership with tanneries around the world. Championing both large and small-scale producers, we respect modern processes as well as time-honoured methods of making, mindful at every stage to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing.
HOWE Leathers are vegetable-tanned the old fashioned way, with tree bark and water, before being richly dyed and finished by hand. We celebrate the natural grain of the leather with all its unique markings, using only full grain hides and skins, and the family-run tannery we partner with works to the very highest possible standards of eco-friendly production.
HOWE Textiles are created in collaboration with UK-commissioned weavers and finishers, supporting the few rare and precious generations-old businesses still in operation. We favour the use of natural fibres, enjoying the irregularity they bring to cloth, and always limit the use of bleach and detergents in production. We strive for a range of useful fabrics with integrity and character, avoiding a mass-produced feel.
Our Vintage Textiles are an ever-changing and diversely-sourced supply of materials. We buy what we love whenever we find it, filling every nook and cranny of the shop with unique pieces. Visit us and you could unearth 18th century Dutch hand-dyed linens, ex-military tenting canvas and tarpaulins, antique flour and grain sacks, or finely woven French ticking pieces and mattress covers.
HOWE Wallpapers are a growing collection of petite and colourful patterns, all proudly British made. Their nostalgic yet cheerful styling lends a versatility to the prints, making them equally at home in a country cottage or a contemporary city space.

36 Bourne Street
London, null SW1W 8JA
United Kingdom
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