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Gregg Treinish founded Adventure Scientists in 2011 with a strong passion for both scientific discovery and exploration. Adventure Scientists provides leading institutions with access to scientific data that can amplify and accelerate arrival at solutions to environmental and human health issues.  
As a result of their work: 
1. Drought‐ravaged farms in India are doubling their yields across 2.5M acres after samples of the highest‐known plant life on Earth, collected by Adventure Scientists on Mt. Everest, have enabled the isolation of symbiotic fungi that help plants thrive in similarly harsh conditions.
2. Major steps have been made toward creating a new suite of interventions against antibiotic‐resistant “superbugs” in partnership with the Infectious Disease Institute at Harvard Medical School and the Broad Institute. 
3. Authorities have new tools to catch illegal loggers. Samples from trees they collected are being used to create a map of the genetic and chemical variations of trees. When coupled with new genetic sequencing tools and DART mass spectrometry, these reference libraries can enable on-the-spot detection of timber origin and legality.  
4. More than 200 governments and scientific institutions––including the WHO, EPA, and others––are utilizing the largest dataset on Earth for microplastics pollution, which was amassed by Adventure Scientists.  
National Geographic named Gregg Adventurer of the Year in 2008 when he and a friend completed a 7,800-mile trek along the spine of the Andes Mountain Range. He was included on the Christian Science Monitor's "30 under 30" list in 2012, and the following year became a National Geographic Emerging Explorer for his work with Adventure Scientists, and a Backpacker Magazine "hero." In 2015 he was named a Draper Richards Kaplan Entrepreneur and one of Men's Journal's "50 Most Adventurous Men," in 2017 an Ashoka Fellow, and in 2018 one of Grist's "50 fixers."
Gregg holds a biology degree from Montana State University and a sociology degree from CU-Boulder. He thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2004.

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